How Often Should I Publish On My Blog

Oh boy.  There are more answers to this than there are colors in the rainbow.  The bottom line is, it really depends on you.  In this article we’ll talk about the pros and cons of different posting schedules, and at the end I’ve provided an editorial calendar (Google Doc) that you can download and use for your blog.

Some people will tell you to post three times a week.  Others will tell you to post daily.  You might think you only have time to post once a week.


To be an effective blogger, the answer is probably somewhere in the middle.  It’s nice to have a goal of posting 3 or 4 times a week.  But only post if you have something valuable to offer your readers.  “Valuable” could be a funny joke, inspirational story, a personal breakthrough, or whatever it is your audience looks for on your blog.  If yours is a travel blog, and you have a goal of posting something to your blog 3 times a week, but you are stuck in a non-descript town for the week, you might find it’s a stretch to come up with 3 blog posts in that week.  Rather than post something mediocre (“We went to the market again today.  We bought bananas again today.  Bananas are a penny more than they were yesterday.”), either come up with something great, or don’t post at all.

On the other hand, if you are a travel writer with a strict rule of posting three times per week, but you’ve had a whirlwind of activity that can’t possibly be captured in under 1000 words, consider posting multiple times a week, or even in that day.

The golden rule of “quality over quantity” should apply here.

A tool that I’ve found helpful is an editorial calendar.  An editorial calendar is a loose plan for publishing content.  For instance, I know a lot of bloggers who have different themes for days of the week.  Tuesday is a day for sharing viral videos, Thursdays are a “link roundup”.  I used to do a weekly recap on Fridays which always included the top 5 search terms that led people to my site.  (Demotivational Poop?  Seriously???)

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Taking the editorial calendar a step further is nice too.  January could have a theme of “Resolutions.”  If you’re an author and your blog is about writing, you could periodically update your blog with resolution-themed stories during January.

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